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Wired to Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Smart Adapter

Wired to Wireless CarPlay Android Auto Smart Adapter

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Wireless Upgrade: Car navigation box can upgrade the wired CarPlay and Android Auto functions of the original car to wireless functions without disassembly, plug and play.

2.Easy to Install: This CarPlay android auto wireless adapter does not need to remove any car parts, just plug in the adapter to complete wireless upgrade 

Easy to Operate: The CarPlay android auto AI box has steering wheel control, knob operation and voice operation, which is the same as the original car, and can answer phone calls, view voice mail, text messages and maps through hands-free devices. 

Strong Compatibility:  As long as your vehicle supports Wired CarPlay or Android Auto, you can use the adapter to upgrade and make your vehicle smarter.

Safe Driving: The wireless AI box allows you to make and receive calls, check voice mail, text messages and bring up maps, making driving easier. 

 3- Step Connection Process:

① Insert the adapter into the car's USB port

② Open Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on iPhone/Android phone enter the Bluetooth interface of the iPhone/Android phone, connect the Bluetooth signal of the product: Autokit_xxx.

③ Once the Bluetooth connection is complete, just wait for the car to automatically connect to wireless CarPlay/wireless Android Auto.

Supported Mobile Phones & Vehicles

Supported car models: Car with original wired CarPlay or wired Android Auto function

iPhone: iPhone 6 and above, iOS 10 and above version
Android phones: support Android 11.0 and above version.

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